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Know, Learn, and Be Loved

Hello and welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

The Grandpa Project was born out of one man’s unconditional love for his grandchildren, and has subsequently grown to have a special mission and purpose that is coming to life.

What’s shared here is intended to inform, inspire, celebrate, and serve the special relationships between a grandpa and his grandchildren, because we believe that every child deserves to know, learn from and be loved by their grandpa. Please join us!


Learn how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, while becoming an engaged, energized and happy grandpa for years to come.
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Discover uplifting stories of grandpas and grandchildren that will warm your heart, spark reflection, and influence relationships.
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Never overlook the opportunity to celebrate the special moments shared between a grandpa and his grandchildren.
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Discover valuable tips, services, and insights from experts that are of growing importance to grandpas and men of a grandpa’s age.
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Share Your Grandpa Story and Photos

If you’d like to share a personal story about your own grandpa or an experience you had with him, please let us know. We’d like to hear from you. Maybe it’s a story about your life as a grandpa or observations of a grandpa you know. No matter what your perspective, it’s the collection of stories, experiences, photos, and quotes that make this community what it is. Please click on the button below to tell us more. We promise to follow-up with you quickly. Thanks for visiting The Grandpa Project.
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