Grandpa and Granny Might Be Making Money Mistakes

Hey Grandpa! You and Granny Might Need Some Money AdviceFrom being too generous to being plain stingy, the experts identify a half-dozen pitfalls.

One of our favorite sources for expert advice comes from the pages of

This article by Richard Eisenberg provides a half-dozen expert money tips that would be good for grandpa to be aware of.

“Don’t let generosity to your grandkids cause money problems for you . . .”

  1. It starts with enabling your kids.
  2. Demystifying your final wishes.
  3. Are you putting your grandkids ahead of your retirement?
  4. Being a little too stingy with your grandkids.
  5. Being secretive and not talking about your kids’ money.
  6. Lending money.

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What would you add to the list?

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