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Grandpa Told Me So

I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Kenny Chesney sing this song. My wife and I were in our boat on the still and crystal clear water of Lake Chelan in Washington State. As it happened, we were just enjoying a quiet moment on a part of the lake where the boat traffic was light and a peacefulness surrounded us.

We listened carefully to the song and we were sure it must be one of Chesney’s newest. As country music fans we surely would have heard it before if it wasn’t new. We listened to the lyrics and wanted to hear it again. But the radio played the next song and we were left looking at each other. It had touched our hearts.

I searched the web to find the song, intending to purchase it and play it again. To our surprise, it’s been around since 1995. I guess it just wasn’t our time to hear it – or to recognize the significance of a grandpa – until that day on the lake.

I heard it again today and just felt the need to add it to our pages that make The Grandpa Project.

Added by Rod Brooks, Founding Grandpa of The Grandpa Project

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