Healthy Aging

My grandkids are worth it
and so are yours!

“I feel like I have an entirely new life” – Rod Brooks, Founding Grandpa of The Grandpa Project

Over 300 pounds and very embarrassed.

Before discovering a plan that provided me with a better life, I’d been struggling with my size and weight for years.

I felt trapped in a body that I didn’t like, disappointed and ashamed of who I’d become, and I was afraid that I – like both my grandfathers and father before me – wouldn’t be around to know and enjoy my grandchildren.

Then, a high-school friend of mine introduced me to a nutrition system that includes nutrient dense superfood and cellular cleansing technology.  I’ve been enjoying the products for over 3.5 years now.

The results have been amazing. I released 50 pounds, reduced by 50 inches, gained a new feeling of freedom and a body I’m proud to be living in.

Now I feel confident that I’ll be here for my grandchildren because I’m healthy and have a renewed zest for life.

I’m sharing my story because I believe that all children deserve to know, learn from and to be loved by their grandpa.

Unfortunately, the children don’t get to choose. It was up to me to decide. And now it’s up to you. Would you like to join me? Send us a note for information.

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