Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging Is Where It’s At!

Healthy Aging Is Where It's At!

Being alive is the first step – and an essential one!

Let’s face it. It’s a cold hard truth that for a man to know his grandchildren, he has to be alive. It’s simple enough to understand – pretty basic information. And still, far too often, children grow up not knowing their grandpa because he’s just not there to know.

Sample Blog post for NutritionThe priority of The Grandpa Project is to help more children have the opportunity to get to know, learn from, and be loved by their grandpa. I didn’t have that chance because both of my grandpa’s died at much too young an age. The story continued with the same outcome for my children, who never knew my dad – their Grandpa Brooks – because he passed away before my oldest son was 18-months old.

Of course, merely breathing and staying alive is only the first step. To thoroughly enjoy our role as a grandpa, we’ll want to age in the healthiest way possible – in a way that enables us to play and be fully present and engaged with our grandchildren.

That’s what this section of The Grandpa Project is here to support. It’s where we’ll strive to “inform” you about the benefits of healthy aging; offer tips and suggestions for nutrition and exercise, and share it in a way that creates a smile or two along the way.

Thanks for being here. Now let’s check into that healthy aging!



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