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Not Much Better Than This

A Ride In The Golf CartWe went out for a ride in the golf cart. Cam, my 11 month old grandson, wanted to drive. He can communicate quite well for a little man who has yet to utter an intelligible word. He wanted to drive. So, he stood on the seat with his Nike hat on his head and placed two hands firmly on the wheel.

We drove all around the golf course. We saw birds and ducks, trees and flowers…. We stopped and got a coffee for grandpa and a cup of water for the little driver. Then we headed home to Grandma. As we drove back he suddenly turned toward me and snuggled in like a little Koala Bear.

He began to sing—it is his last defense to fight off dreaded sleep. Soon the singing stopped and the little boy with a runny nose began to snore. We sat in the garage for the longest time as he slept and grandpa prayed saying simply, “thank you Lord, just thank you. It does not get much better than this.”

My love to you, my friends on the journey.

Love, Pastor Jim

Submitted for use by The Grandpa Project by: Gayle Childs – Langley, Washington

Note – Thanks to our friend Gayle for submitting this sweet story that was written by her pastor and shared with his congregation and community.

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